The second edition of the International Salbek Opera Masterclass – a continuation of our passion and dedication

My dears,


The second edition of the International Salbek Opera Masterclass is a continuation of our passion and dedication to promoting young talent and encouraging them to reach their full potential in the field of opera.

We are proud to offer this unique learning and growth opportunity in a traditional and inspiring environment and we are confident that this edition will exceed expectations and leave lasting impressions on the careers of participants.

As last year, the young participants will have the opportunity to learn from world-renowned opera soloists, who will share with them not only vocal and performance techniques, but also their rich experience in the world of opera. They will be guided and encouraged to develop their own style, hone their stage skills and build the self-confidence needed to shine on international stages.

This masterclass offers a rare opportunity to come into direct contact with world opera greats, learn from their experience and receive personalised feedback to improve your performance. By attending, young people will also become part of a dedicated and passionate opera community, create lasting connections and have the chance to shine in front of a wide audience at the Extraordinary Opera Gala.

Let’s not forget that everything happens in a traditional Romanian area that we try to develop just as the young people at the masterclass do. From the very beginning, we set out to reclaim this place for the community we are now part of.

Thus, the International Salbek Opera Masterclass is not only an educational event, but also a transformative experience both for young musicians, preparing them for a successful career in the fascinating world of opera, and for locals who see the place reborn and encourage them to get involved in our projects. 


Can’t wait to meet you at Salbek Castle in 2024!

Ana Maria Mihăescu, president of Salbek Castle Association